Rick Dacey
April 7, 2023
Poker Room Update

On Sunday, we’re going to host two big buy-in tournaments. The first will be a $200k Guarantee with a $5,200 buy-in starting at 13:00 ET, the second will be a with a $75k Guarantee with a $1,050 buy-in starting at 13.30 ET.

Does that sound a little ambitious for a site that has only just launched tournaments? Yes, it is – and that’s exactly where we want to be. It’s a statement of intent. We want 4Poker to be a home for players of all levels and buy-ins, and we want to prove it to you that we can be. 

Yesterday, we ran a $11 buy-in tourney events with a $500 Guarantee (congrats to DanyRz who took it down) and a couple of $100 freerolls. Today, we’re putting on a $55 buy-in with a $1k Guarantee. And this Sunday, we’re going to the other end of the scale with our $1k and $5k buy-in events. It’s both ends of the poker dream: those that are starting out by building bankrolls and those that are battling it out at the top with the rolls that they’ve already built. We’re working hard to create an environment that nurtures both groups – and the whole community in between. 

We’re setting 4Poker up as a low rake, high rewards site. Everyone will get rakeback. We don’t charge fees on withdrawals or on deposits. We don't take any rake for heads up cash games. We’re offering some great sign-up promotions. 

This is just the start. We’re working towards announcing some even larger guarantees very soon. 


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Rick Dacey has been in the poker industry for two decades as a journalist, marketeer, corporate comms man, and enthusiastic player. He's now helping out at 4Poker HQ.