Your Voice Will Be Heard

Rick Dacey
November 18, 2022

One of the key principles at 4Poker is a commitment to listen to what players want. Let’s face it, it’s a line you’ve heard before. Sometimes from operators that meant it. Sometimes when it was just lip service being paid. So, yes, it would be understandable if there was any eyerolling and mutterings of, ‘Yeah, yeah, heard this before.’

But – and it’s a big but – there’s going to be a very clear way for you to have your voice heard and your opinion weighed up, not just by the 4Poker crew but the whole poker community. (And it’s not by firing an email into a feedback@ email address.)

Introducing the 4Forum

The 4Forum is going to be a go-to point for players, both as an information hub and a player forum. It’s going to be the place to find out about what’s going on, how to deposit, how to cash out, but also to give your opinion and to upvote others.

The 4Forum will be accessible to read to anyone with an internet connection through the main 4Poker website: we want the whole poker playing community to see any thread. When you sign up at 4Poker you’ll automatically be granted the ability to comment and contribute.

There’s a clear 4Poker commitment to transparency and giving players a voice, which is exactly what the 4Forum will provide. Another 4Poker pledge is to avoid being a faceless, corporate entity, so you can expect key voices within 4Poker, such as Mike Jones, Head of Poker Operations; Ed Ramshaw, Director of Customer Experience; and Jeff van den Hooven, Head of Responsible Gaming, to be on hand and responsive.

There is a commitment to give genuine opinions space to breathe. There’s also a genuine desire to understand what players want and to build the poker site that the playing community deserves, that the game deserves. Will this all happen overnight? Of course not, but there’s a firm belief that 4Poker will become the poker site for players, by the players.

Moderation? Yes, there will of course be moderation at the outset to weed out spam so don’t expect posts to insta-appear straight away, but the plan is that once you’ve been KYC’d on your account that your forum privileges will build up. There’s also going to be space for community moderators to step up. The 4Forum will launch as an English-only but that, like everything, is something that we’ll listen to opinions on.

In short, the 4Forum will be an information hub; a space for community conversation; an area to pitch ideas and to provide feedback. If you have ideas for new formats, let us know. Have opinions on promotions, let us know. If there’s any bugs, let us know. The team will provide feedback and the site will grow as a joint effort.

Inside 4Forum

The Inside 4Poker series has also taken a look at the 4Forum with Director of Marketing Tom Lenihan stepping up to the plate to explain what it will provide to community.

When is the 4Forum launching?

The 4Forum will be live when the new 4Poker website is live in the coming weeks. (That’s the website we’re talking about, not the poker client itself.) To begin with it will be read-only, but once 4Poker launches in your jurisdiction and you’ve opened an account then you’ll be able to dive right in.

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Rick Dacey has been in the poker industry for two decades as a journalist, marketeer, corporate comms man, and enthusiastic player. He's now helping out at 4Poker HQ.