Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

Shuffle up and deal!

Unlike cash games, where players can come and go from the tables, scheduled tournaments have a specific start time, a specific buy-in, and each hand is a contest to win tournament chips (as opposed to cash game chips). The position in which one finishes determines one’s payout.

How Poker Tournaments Work:

All players that start a standard poker tournament are given the same number of chips. As play goes on, the compulsory blinds and antes increase at regular intervals piling increasing pressure on the shorter stacks. When a player loses all of their chips they’re knocked out and play no further part in the tournament, but if they’ve made it into the payout places then that player’s account will be credited with their winnings.

The last player left with chips is declared the winner and is rewarded with the biggest piece of the prize pool pie. Sometimes players at the final table of a tournament negotiate deals with one another which bypass the official awards schedule in favor of agreed customized payouts.

Multi-Table Tournaments and Sit & Go:

Multi-Table Tournaments:

Tournaments start at a scheduled time with a predetermined minimum and maximum number of users allowed. Each player starts with the same amount of chips (unless otherwise specified in the lobby). Play continues until there is only one player left and payouts are made according to the position in which you were eliminated. These tournaments will have a 5-minute break every hour. Tournaments usually start with multiple tables and are often referred to as “MTT” which is short for ‘multi-table tournament’.

  • Guaranteed Tournaments (GTD): Guaranteed tournaments have a predetermined minimum prize pool. Irrespective of how many users register, these events will announce the places paid before the start of the tournament based on minimum required number of users to start the tournament. However, prize and places paid will be dependent of total number of entries into the tournament and will be updated once the late registrations are over.
  • Phase Tournaments: A Phase tournament consists of multiple phases, including one final phase and one or more intermediate phases. Phases are played non-concurrently by different group of players. The condition for being moved from one phase to the next could be a predetermined number of levels and/or certain % of the field remaining. Players’ chip counts from intermediate phases would be carried over to the final phase of the tournament. Players qualified for final phase would not be able to unregister or cash out.
  • Bounty Tournaments: There are several types of Bounty Tournaments. Here are the main differences on the Bounty Tournaments we offer: 
    • In normal bounty tournaments, players are awarded the same prize for eliminating players throughout the tournament.
    • In progressive bounty tournaments, players receive x% of the bounty right away and the remaining y% gets added to their own bounty creating larger bounties on players as the tournament progresses.
    • In Mystery bounties, the bounties aren’t introduced until players reach the money. The value of the bounties can range from <1% to 20% of the bounty prize pool and can also include cash prizes or tournament entries.

Sit & Go Tournaments:

Sit & Go tournaments (abbreviated as SNG) start when a specific number of players have registered for the tourney.

While SNG tourneys do not have a scheduled start time, they do have set prize pools and payouts based on the number of entrants. For example, in an $11 6-player SNG, $10 from each player will always form a $60 prize pool (we retain $1 as a fee per player), of which 65% will go to first place and 35% to second place.

In short, Sit & Go provide a poker tournament experience but with a more predictable, and usually much shorter, run time.

General Tournament Rules and Other:

Poker Tournament Money (T$):

Certain Tournaments, especially Freerolls and Satellites, award T$ instead of cash. T$ can be used to register for other tournaments of your choosing. Please note that T$:

  • Is not available for withdrawal.
  • Is non-transferable between accounts.
  • Cannot be converted to cash.
  • Is only usable for Multi-Table Tournaments and Sit N Go's.
  • Vales of T$ are always in USD.

If a player wins multiple seats to the same event via Satellite, the value of the additional seats will be credited in T$.


  • Our top priority is providing a safe and fair online poker experience.
  • For tournaments, fees are collected from each user’s buy-in amount. The breakdown of how much of the buy-in goes to the prize pool and how much is a fee is specified in each tournament lobby.
  • Multi-Table tournaments will start at the scheduled time, as mentioned in the lobby. However, we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any tournament due to unavoidable technical or unforeseen issues.
  • All the key tournament information can be found in the lobby, including game type, limit type, seating capacity, blind structure, level time, breaks, time bank, buy-in, tournament fees, and prize pool.
  • Seats are assigned randomly at the start of the tournament.
  • Late registration: 
    • Tournaments offered on the platform will often allow, for a period of time specified in the tournament lobby, registration after the event has begun (commonly known as “late registration”).
    • If for any reason a tournament ends prior to the scheduled close of the late registration period, then the prize pool will consist only of player-contributed funds.
    • Tournaments may have a late registration pause feature. If this feature is present, then during the late registration period if the number of players remaining in a tournament equals or drops below the number of places paid, then the tournament will pause to allow more registrations. During such pauses, the tournament clock governing blinds and antes will also pause, as will the late registration countdown timer. When enough players register to bring the number of active players above the number of places paid, the tournament will resume.
  • Guarantees: 
    • Many tournaments will have a guaranteed prize pool. This means that if player contributions to the prize pool fall short of the guarantee, then we will add funds to the prize pool as needed to reach the guaranteed amount.
    • Guarantees are contingent upon the full late registration period having elapsed. 
      • If for any reason a tournament ends prior to the close of late registration,
        then the guarantee will not be applied, and the prize pool will consist only of player-contributed funds.
      • Reasons a tournament might end prior to the scheduled close of late registration include but are not limited to:
        • Technical problems (examples include a server crash ormass disconnection event)
        • If the aforementioned late registration pause is triggered and reaches the maximum pause time.  
  • Most tournaments allow players to unregister until seating begins. Each tournament lobby will detail when unregistration is no longer an option.  If a user has won a seat through a satellite, they will not be able to unregister unless the specific target tournament allows it. In cases where a satellite ends after the target tournament has begun, the satellite winners will be seated directly into the target tournament if late registration is still open.  If the late registration period has closed prior to the end of a satellite, then satellite winners will receive cash equivalent to the target tournament buy-in.  
  • A player is not permitted to use multiple accounts and doing so may result in penalties including a warning, partial or full forfeiture of winnings, and being permanently banned from our platform (as will other banned activity).


  • The tournament ends when one player has accumulated all the tournament chips (or when the remaining players are receiving the same prize).
  • When two or more players are eliminated in the same hand, the player with more chips at the start of the hand will be awarded a higher rank. If both players have the same exact amount of chips at the start of the hand, then the rank will be awarded based on the player’s position on the table where the worst position (closest to the button) will be awarded the higher rank but prizes for both ranks (if any) will be divided equally among the players.
  • When players are eliminated from a tournament and it becomes necessary to balance tables by moving players any new seat assignments are done randomly.


  • There are two kinds of break in tournaments: MTT (or Regular) and Special Breaks.
    • MTT Break: Breaks are at regular intervals and will begin at 55 minutes past the hour, once the current hand on all of the tournament’s tables is finished.
    • Special Break: Some tournaments may have a longer scheduled break. Examples include multi-day tournaments or 1+ hour “dinner” breaks.
    • Tournament could be manually put on break by an administrator.

Disconnect Protection

  • A player might have issues with internet connections during which time communication between the player and server might be broken or experiencing lag or freezing issues. In all such cases,
    • We are not responsible for any disconnection except for a server crash.
    • When a player times out during a hand, the hand will be checked or folded and the player will be sat out automatically until they are able to reconnect.
    • In tournaments, antes and blinds will continue to be posted automatically.


Players have a dealer chat functionality to display some of the game play information on the table. This also gives players the option to engage in table talk with other players. Players should not discuss their cards or hand in general until a particular hand is over. Players must maintain the decorum of online poker and must protect the interest of all the users participating/playing in the game play. Discussing possible hand strength or disclosing folded cards is prohibited.

Exceptional Circumstances

  • In the event of a our server crash or other unexpected downtime, players will be refunded as described below.
  • In cash games, all hands in progress at the time of disruption shall be rolled back; it will be as if the hand never happened, with all affected player balances restored to what they were at the start of the cancelled hand.

Tournament Cancellation Policy

  • Tournament Cancellation Policy: a) If a tournament is cancelled after it has begun, the Company will determine the moment the disruption began and use that moment to calculate all affected User’s equity. Note that not all players will necessarilyexperience the disruption at the same time. b) One of the following methods of equity calculation will be used:
    • i) If there are nine or fewer players remaining, then ICM (Independent Chip Modelling) will be used to determine each remaining player’s equity. The fee will also be refunded.
    • ii) If there are 10 or more players remaining, and if a tournament has more players remaining than there are places paid (if the tournament is not yet “in the money”) then 25% of the prize pool will be distributed equally amongst the remaining players, and the other 75% of the prize pool will be awarded according to chip equity. The rake fee (“the Fee”) will also be refunded.
      • Not “in the money" formula: Refund = [(Prize Pool * 0.25) / Number of Remaining Players] + [(Prize Pool * 0.75) * (Your Chip Stack / Total Chips in Play)] + the Fee
    • iii) If there are 10 or more players remaining, and if enough players have been eliminated from the tournament for it to have reached the paying positions ( if the tournament is “in the money”), then each remaining player is awarded the next scheduled prize amount, 25% of the remaining prize pool will be equally divided amongst the remaining players and the other 75% of the remaining prize pool will be awarded according to chip equity. The Fee will also be refunded.
      • In the money” formula: Refund = Next scheduled prize + [(Remaining
        Prize Pool * 0.25) / Number of Remaining Players] + [(Remaining Prize Pool * 0.75) * (Your Chip Stack / Total Chips in Play)] + the Fee.
    • iv) If a tournament is cancelled before it begins, then all registered players will be refunded the Buy-in and Fee.
  • We do not have responsibility for customer hardware failures, nor for localized ISP (Internet Service Provider) issues affecting an individual or group from a particular region. In these cases where the problem is local and not caused by our service, we have no responsibility for these local issues. We will, however, evaluate situations individually to ensure that we’re doing right by the player and helping prevent similar problems in the future.
  • If a refund is decided upon, the amount of the refund shall be returned to the player in no more than 5 (five) working days where reasonably practicable. Players will be informed and the procedure finalised after the decision has been made.
  • If a bonus campaign has in any way been misconfigured, we have the right to alter players’ balances and account details to correct the mistake.
  • If a game contains a bug or misconfiguration that causes incorrect game or software behaviour or incorrect allocation of player funds, we have the right to remove the game and alter players’ balances and account details to correct the mistake.
  • We are not liable for any downtime, server disruptions, lagging, or any technical or political disturbance to the game play. Refunds may be given solely at the discretion of the management.
  • We shall accept no liability for any damages or losses which are deemed or alleged to have arisen out of or in connection with the Service, the Sites or its content; including without limitation, delays or interruptions in operation or transmission, loss or corruption of data, communication or lines failure, any persons’ misuse of the sites or its content or any errors or omissions in content.
  • We reserve the right to suspend, discontinue, modify, remove, or add to the Service in its absolute discretion with immediate effect and without an obligation to provide. You with notice where We consider it necessary to do so including (for example) for the management, maintenance or update of the Software and We shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for any loss suffered as a consequence of any decision made by Us in this regard.

We reserve the right to alter the method of refund calculation, as well as the right to alter the tournament cancellation policy. 


Your funds are ready as soon as your processor handles the transaction. We don’t hold them or charge fees.


We take player welfare seriously. We treat individuals with compassion, understanding, and empathy.


We comply with regulatory and licensing standards because it’s the right thing to do.