Weekly Missions

Weekly Missions

Weekly Missions

Weekly Missions

Weekly Missions, Weekly Rewards!

That's right. Head over to our tables and get rewarded every week by playing your favorite poker games in our Weekly Missions!

How to Participate?

Any registered player with an active account can participate...and win - as long as the Weekly Missions are completed.

Simply keep an eye on this page to check what the current week's mission is and make sure you fulfill the requirements.

Each Mission will run from Sunday to Saturday until 23:59 UTC. Our Weekly Mission promo resets and starts over again every week at 00:00 UTC on Sundays.

The Prize:

Every Mission has a Reward! Complete the Weekly Mission and be registered into an exclusive Weekly Mission Tournament with a T$1,000 (T-Money) GTD prize pool!

This tournament is Multi-Stack - once qualified, you can get up to x10 starting chips depending on how many parts of the Mission you complete.

The exclusive tournament will run on Sundays at 13:00 ET.

This Week's Mission (May 12-18): Get up to 100,000 starting chips!

Weekly Mission May 12-18.png

How to Complete the Mission:

This Weekly Mission comes with Stack Multiplier - the more Missions you complete, the bigger your starting stack will be on Sunday's Weekly Mission Freeroll.

  1. Play 300 Raked Texas Hold'em Cash Game Hands - every stake counts.
  2. Play 200 Raked Omaha Cash Game Hands - every stake counts as well.
  3. Pick up 10 Bounties in our PKO Tournaments - every buy-in counts.
  4. Cash in 3 Multi-Table Tournaments - Freerolls and Satellites do not count.

Here's how the Stack Multiplier works:

  • Complete one Mission, get 10,000 starting chips in the Weekly Missions Freeroll.
  • Complete two Missions, get 20,000 starting chips.
  • Complete three Missions and you will start the tournament with 50,000 chips.
  • Complete all the Missions and get the maximum starting chips possible on Sunday's event: 100,000 starting chips.

Terms and Conditions:

  • This promotion will run weekly from 00:00 UTC on Sunday, and will end on the Saturday following at 23:59 UTC. Come Sunday, the promo resets for the next week and we go again!
  • In order to qualify for the prize (be registered into the exclusive Tournament), at least one of the Weekly Mission requirements must be met. The more parts of the Mission a player completes, the bigger the starting chip stack will be.
  • Cash Game Leaderboards Happy Hours do not award double points for the Raked Cash Game Hands requirements.
  • There's no specific stake requirement for the Raked Cash Game Hands completion - all stakes are equal for this promotion.
  • Freerolls and Satellites do not count towards the ''Cash in 3 Multi-Table Tournaments'' requirement.
  • All PKO Tournaments qualify towards the ''Pick up 10 Bounties in our PKO Tournaments'' requirement - no buy-in restriction.
  • Registration to the exclusive Weekly Mission Tournament will be completed up to 24 hours after the player meets the Weekly Mission requirement. Same applies for additional and bonus chips.
  • All valid registrations will be included in the exclusive Weekly Mission Tournament before the tournament starts on Sunday, May 18th at 13:00 ET.
  • The prize awarded in the Weekly Mission Tournament is in the form of T-Money. For all information on how to use T-Money please check our Tournament Rules.
  • Participation in the Weekly Missions will be subject to standard checks to ensure accounts are in good standings and fairness in the games.
  • General Promotional Terms and General Terms and Conditions apply. For more information: Click here.